Q: I have no problem saying what is on mind, why would I need a doula?

A doula is not there to speak for you. A doula is for informational, emotional, and/or physical support. That might mean gently reminding you of your desires when you verbalize something different from your original plan in the heat of the moment, or asking you if you understand something that is being done so you could ask your provider for an explanation if you wanted, but she should never speak for you.

Q: What is a doula's role in the delivery room?

The doula’s role will differ at every birth depending on the laboring woman’s desires. Your best friend may want double hip squeezes during contractions but maybe you don’t like to be touched and would like your doula to use verbal encouragement or birth affirmations. Maybe you will choose to have an epidural and would like a shoulder rub or hand massage to relax you. Some women (or their partners) just want someone in the room at all times who is an expert on labor and birth, and the doula might not do anything but “hold space”. It all depends on what your needs are.

Q: What happens if things don't go according to the plans we decided?

It is not possible for any doula to guarantee that your birth will go exactly as planned. Labor is unpredictable and while a doula is there to help you execute the birth of your dreams, the truth is that things don’t always go as anticipated. Your doula is there to help you adjust your plan according to the given circumstances so that you have the most positive birth experience possible.

Q: Does a doula help during pregnancy also or just labor?

During pregnancy I will be available via phone or email for informational and emotional support from the time the contract is signed until our post partum visit. The labor package includes one in person prenatal visit and additional visits can be purchased per hour.

Q: What happens if my doula does not make it to the delivery in time?

If I do not make it in time for the birth because I failed to get there within 2 hours after being requested to come for face to face support, then a full refund will be given. If I do not make it in time because the labor was precipitous or the mother or partner failed to request my presence 2 hours before the desired report time, the full fee will be retained.

Q: If I use a doula, do I still have options for pain medication?

Absolutely! It is your birth and what your preferences are for your birth are up to you. I will support you for a medication free birth or a cesarean birth and every kind of birth in between! Choosing to have medication or having a cesarean (planned or not) does not mean you don’t need support!

Q: Does insurance cover a doula? If not, what is the out of pocket cost?

Right now insurance does not cover doulas. I believe this is something that is in the works in some places and I hope will be the norm at some point. You can find my fees on the services page.